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Changed my mind!

I moved the 365 photo project to a different site!



I decided to start a different page for the 365 photos. You can find them at



I knew I would forget about this blog thing! Well I am back! I am going to try and start the 365 photo project. We will see how this goes. I always forget things, hopefully I won’t forget to take a picture everyday!

Facing fears

So I have been on a quest to try to face fears lately….boy it’s HARD!!!

I faced one by going on the SLOW Power Tower at Valleyfair. I went up 250 feet. I did NOT go on the fast tower first! I just went up and did it!

I finally wrote a letter to my “mother” about how she “mothered” me! And I will not back down!

This weekend I am going to shoot a handgun for the first time ever! I have never even touched a gun. I have been SCARED to even touch one! But I am done being scared!

I am done being scared of so many things in life! So I am going to just take one by one and bulldoze right over them!


Do you ever have those times where you just don’t feel like you fit? Just don’t belong? Just don’t know where to go??? Yep it’s one of those days!!! This brain injury crap really gets to me some days!!!


I hit this horrible thing called 35!!! I really am having a hard time with this!!! I try repeating to myself it’s just a number, but it’s not working!!!! Hopefully as time goes on it just fades away!!!

We did alot the week of my birthday…we went to Two Harbors, Duluth, Valleyfair, and a day out on the lake. Valleyfair is where I think I had to prove to myself I was younger inside then 35! I had to out do my 14 year old. I also am an adrenaline junkie! I love to scare myself! I went on the highest fastest rides they had! The Power Tower is 250 feet up, the Wild Thing is 200 feet up…I did both. I can’t wait to do them again!

I have been on a weight loss trend lately….I have officially lost 20 lbs now!!! I feel wonderful! Hopefully I can keep it off!!! I would like to go down another 15-20 more. I really don’t have a weight goal, I have a BMI goal. Which I think is better. I want a better cholesterol level also. Part of why this weight came off is I ended up having a high thyroid, so I have to get that under control too! But I stopped most fast food and got off my butt more!

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